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Expressway Trucks offers in-house Driveline Services at our Ayr location! We have the equipment and trained staff to do the following for heavy duty trucks, medium duty trucks, light duty trucks, and PTO applications

● Driveshaft Modifications

● Driveshaft Repair (Shortening and Lengthening)

● Yoke Replacement

● Slip Shaft Replacement

● Driveshaft Balancing

● Driveshaft Straightening

● Driveshaft Manufacturing


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We have a huge inventory of parts that are available for sale if you only need parts. We have everything from slip joints, u-joints, yokes, splines, and more in stock. We can also set up an account for you with national fleet pricing.

We know that your time is valuable, so we will accommodate your busy schedules with quick and reliable service. Free pickup and delivery is also available. We can also provide driveline service and parts for our customers at our London and Windsor locations as we have a frequent shuttle service between branches.

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